Exhibiting in 2 weeks!

In a couple of weeks time I will be one of around 40 artists exhibiting for one night in the RAW Artists exhibition ‘Encompass’.
This is my second exhibition, the first one was in NYC (thought I’d start at the top 😉 ). I was holidaying in the states while it was on, but arrived in NY 3 days after it finished so I missed seeing my work in a gallery. I’m really looking forward to this one because I’ll be able to not only talk to people about my work, but also see some amazing artists.
The night is not just for photographers – among the other artists are musicians, fashion designers, performing artists (looking forward to the gorgeous burlesque performer!) jewelry designers and more.
Preparing has been so much fun, I’ve enjoyed every step from figuring out what to display to how (and to the next step of how to get it to the event!)
If you are a Sydneysider and would like to come along, tickets are only $15 and are available to purchase from my RAW profile page. If you do come along please stop by and say hi!



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